TechVotes is ATA’s program aimed at increasing voter education, voter registration, and voter turnout in Austin’s tech sector – all in a completely nonpartisan manner. Through TechVotes, ATA:

  • Organizes volunteer deputy registrar trainings so that tech employees can go back to their company and register their friends and coworkers to vote
  • Hosts voter registration drives at tech events
  • Creates easy-to-digest content that has all of the information tech employees need during an election in order to make their voice heard at the ballot box

Our Goal

Our aim is to create a culture of voting in all Austin tech companies and ensure that the voice of every tech employee is heard at the ballot box.

By building an educated and engaged constituency made up of the folks working in tech, we can help to ensure that the vibrant and growing tech community is represented in the important conversations happening at a local, state, and national levels. 

For ATA Members

When member companies join ATA, they gain access to TechVotes+, which offers:

  • Lunch-and-learns at companies’ offices to break down the ballot before an election
  • Voter registration drives and volunteer deputy registrar trainings at a member company’s office
  • Hardcopy and digital election infographics to display at the office

Becoming a member allows you to magnify your voice and make Austin the city of the future – while protecting the unique culture that attracted us here to begin with.

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