Far too many Austin tech employees do not know where candidates for elected office stand on issues important to them. The most robust way to find out – candidate questionnaires from community organizations – are not easy to find unless a voter already knows about a particular community group or does significant research into the causes and candidates they care about. fixes this by allowing users to filter community questions and answers by district, candidate, cause, or ZIP Code. Users can search all questions posed by community groups and get answers direct from the candidates – all in one place. is a joint project between Austin Tech Alliance and Leadership Austin.

Our Goal

ATA wants every tech employee to cast an informed vote at the ballot box.

This is best accomplished by ensuring they have access to the information they need to understand where candidates stand on issues that matter to them.

Building not only serves that purpose, but it also provides the entire Central Texas community a civic learning platform that creates a more educated voting populace.

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