About ATA

Our History




June: ATA formed as a 501(c)6 organization

November: created core principles and mission




March: Recruited first ATA members

December: Launched Paper Census program





April: Launched 2018-2019 policy agenda

September: Launched informed.vote program




July: Launched 2019-2020 policy agenda

October: hosted civic trivia birthday party bash





March: Launched Lend a Hand ATX 

Received 501(c)3 designation




Coming soon!




Coming soon!

Our Mission

To promote civic engagement in Austin's tech sector. We focus on:


the tech grassroots on policy issues that impact them


for using tech as a tool to help solve civic challenges


the tech community to speak up, participate, and vote

Our Vision

To make Austin a city of the future while protecting its unique culture and forging productive relationships between the tech community and policymakers.

Austin Tech Alliance is a member-supportednonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Core Principles

Austin Tech Alliance is working to educate and activate the grassroots of Austin’s tech sector as committed, civically engaged Austinites working to promote opportunities for our entire community. As part of that, we developed a set of core principles to align with these efforts.

ATA acknowledges civic values shared between our city’s leaders and the technology community. 

As members of Austin’s tech community, ATA pledges to educate and promote voting on important issues that impact Austin’s local community. 

We ensure elected officials and candidates act on behalf of the entire Austin tech community. 

Becoming a member allows you to magnify your voice and make Austin the city of the future – while protecting the unique culture that attracted us here to begin with.

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