Austin Tech Alliance’s mission is to promote civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector. Part of that work includes an advocacy and policy focus. ATA supports using technology as a tool to help address civic challenges and promotes tech-forward policies at the local and state levels.

We focus on Austin City Hall and the State Capitol, two halls of power seated in the center of Austin. By working directly with elected officials, staff, and other groups pursuing similar goals, ATA builds opportunities for our members to effectively and efficiently engage on a variety of policy issues.

Our Goal

ATA works to break down the black boxes that tech employees may see when they look at the Texas State Capitol and Austin City Hall. Why? Because an educated and engaged constituency made up of the folks working in tech is an essential part of the continued growth and success of Austin’s tech sector.

For ATA Members

When member companies join ATA, they and their employees gain access to: 

  • Exclusive updates on policy issues impacting Austin’s tech sector
  • The ability to vote in polls that help to drive the direction of Austin Tech Alliance
  • Free invites to all ATA events, which typically sit at the intersection of policy and tech 

Becoming a member allows you to magnify your voice and make Austin the city of the future – while protecting the unique culture that attracted us here to begin with.

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