Action Alert: Don’t let SB 7 Texas voter suppression bill pass!

Action Alert: Don’t let SB 7 Texas voter suppression bill pass!

Tomorrow is a crucial day for our democracy. Senate Bill 7, a nightmare for voting rights, is scheduled to be heard in the Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday, March 22 at 9 am. Texas needs more protection for civic participation through voting, not voter suppression. SB 7 would put up many unnecessary barriers for voters, including voters who are disabled. It even allows poll watchers to intimidate voters by taking pictures at the polling place and would block third-party groups, like ATA, from distributing vote-by-mail applications. ATA is committed to activating the tech community to speak up, participate and vote – SB 7 would restrict that vote for all Texans.

Contact your Texas State Senator and Representative to tell them no on SB 7 today. Find out who represents you and use the script to email them ASAP to take action!


Example Email Script

Dear [legislator],

As a constituent who supports civic engagement, I urge you to vote against SB 7 and similar bills that would restrict our voting rights. SB 7 unduly impacts voters with disabilities, people transporting voters to the polls, and hourly workers. It also makes voters feel less safe by allowing recordings and picture taking in polling places. It will make voting and civic engagement more difficult for everyone!

Fair elections depend on many dedicated people who ensure that the process works for all. I trust election officials to make voting a positive experience. SB 7 greatly complicates the experience and risks making it a nightmare for many. It would instill fear where there should be trust.

SB 7, and a great many bills with similar provisions, makes it more difficult for voters to maneuver the state’s already complicated system. It fails to provide them confidence that their vote will be counted. 

We saw great voter enthusiasm in 2020 and celebrated the significant increase in voter turnout, despite overwhelming challenges. Texas state and county election officials believe the results accurately reflect the will of the people. Texans want voting to be safe, easy, and accessible, and I urge you to reject these unwarranted bills.

Thank you,

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