In order to highlight Austin Tech Alliance’s growing membership of individuals who support our mission to promote civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector, we regularly feature profiles of ATA members.

Up now: ATA’s intern, Delaney Davis!

What got you interested in interning for Austin Tech Alliance?

I’ve never been a STEM person. I never really thought the tech industry was something I would interact with in a professional setting, ever. I am, however, very passionate advocacy and policy work. When I first stumbled upon this internship, I thought it allowed me the unique opportunity to learn how non-profits with an emphasis on advocacy and civic engagement education operate.

Most of my advocacy work in the past has centered around women’s rights and sexual assault prevention, and interning with ATA has allowed me to expand my focus and put myself outside of my advocacy comfort zone. Even if I don’t end up working the technology sector in the future, I know that the advocacy, research, and writing skills I’ve developed through this internship will benefit me wherever I end up.

What’s one thing you want to accomplish during your time interning at ATA?

I’d really love to publish a blog recapping some of the important bills discussed in this past legislative session. I had the opportunity to testify at the Capitol in favor of a few bills this session and that experience really taught me how important the legislative process is and how impactful it can be.

Not everyone has the time and energy to stay up to date with the legislature, especially employees in an industry as busy and fast-paced as the tech sector, but everyone is still impacted by the bills being considered or passed. It would be really beneficial for members of ATA to see what the hot topics were this legislative session and how those topics may impact them now or in the future. Essentially, I would like to bring the legislative process to those who might not have access to it for a variety of reasons.  

Why is civic engagement important to you?

Everyone is impacted by the decisions that our elected officials make. Our involvement in politics shouldn’t end after Election Day because the impact of our voting choices doesn’t end after Election Day. No matter who you are, you likely have some sort of stake in the decisions made by our government officials. Civic engagement allows anyone, no matter if they have a background in politics or not, to bring their voices to the forefront of political discussion. Our political process should reflect the desires and needs of its people, and ensuring that people from a variety of different backgrounds and industries are engaged in the governmental process lies at the foundation of civic engagement. Civic engagement allows for better accessibility to a world that for many that is difficult to engage with.

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