ATA wraps up design sprint with General Assembly cohort

ATA wraps up design sprint with General Assembly cohort

Austin Tech Alliance enlisted the help of the spring cohort at General Assembly. The team of students included Reilly Jerding as Lead Information Architect, Brian Lim as Lead Researcher, and Ali Oswald as Project Manager. 

The team was tasked with redesigning the ATA website so that visitors immediately understood the mission of ATA, what we’re currently working on, and ways to contribute. The team performed a heuristic evaluation and interviews with four individuals. At the end of this research, the team determined the website needed to: 

  1. provide resources that will increase frequency to the site
  2. valuable incentives to increase memberships

We kicked off this cohort at the start of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, and all our interactions, planning, research, interviews and feedback sessions happened over Zoom. We utilized the collaborative whiteboard tool in Zoom, and previewed prototypes in Figma.

We hope to share a newly designed ATA site with you soon! 

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