How can I get involved in Travis County 2020 Census outreach efforts?

How can I get involved in Travis County 2020 Census outreach efforts?

You may have heard a lot about the current 2020 Census, which kicked off on April 1, 2020. You may know that the Census, which occurs every 10 years supports community funding for schools, school lunches, transportation, Congressional apportionment, allocation of federal funding, and re-defining district lines at all levels of government, and more! You may have read the 6-part ATA series that breaks down the Census, or listened to a podcast about Travis County outreach efforts. 

Do you want to do do more for your community by volunteering with Census outreach in Travis County? There’s ways that you can get involved on a local level, without leaving your home! Volunteer with the community-specific Complete Count Committees or become a general Travis County volunteer by signing up at

To better understand why these committees were formed, it’s important to understand the hard-to-count population. Children, people experiencing homelessness, lower income, lower education, English language learners, undocumented immigrations, and racial/ethnic minorities are historically least likely to be properly counted and require the most outreach. The US Census Bureau provides daily response rates by Census tract across the country, and the Travis County CCC Digital Team has incorporated this data and regularly updates it on our Census Strategy map. To track the hard to-count populations nationally, visit the nation-wide mapping tool.

Haven’t taken the Census yet? Take 9 questions in less than 3 minutes at

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