Building a culture of civic engagement

Our Mission

To promote civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector by:

the tech grassroots on policy issues that impact them
for using tech as a tool to help solve civic challenges
the tech community to speak up, participate and vote
Austin Tech Alliance is a member-supported nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit building a culture of civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector.

Together, we can focus on helping every person in tech cast an informed vote and use tech as a tool to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges.

Here's a little more about our programs: is a civic education platform launched by Austin Tech Alliance and Leadership Austin that helps Central Texans cast a more informed vote.


Austin Tech Alliance’s policy and advocacy focus supports using technology as a tool to help address civic challenges. With an emphasis on the local and state levels, we also promote tech-forward policies.

Paper Census is a collaboration between Austin Tech Alliance and the City of Austin to identify paper-based processes that are a hassle for Austin residents and then research, design, and deliver digital prototypes.

87th Texas Legislative Session Wrap Up

ATA's policy and advocacy focus supports using technology as a tool to help address civic challenges and promote tech-forward policies.

What's New?

2020 year in review

With the help of local organizations and tech spaces, Austin Tech Alliance will work to influence policy and local initiatives in these point areas during the next year. As for 2020, this is our year in review. 

87th #txlege

To make Austin a city of the future while protecting its unique culture and forging productive relationships between the tech community and policymakers.

To help achieve this vision, the ATA community encourages the support and passage of these bills during the 87th Texas Legislative Session.


From member profiles to redistricting resources and elected officials interviews, check out our blogs and news section. 

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