Austin Tech Alliance is a member-based, 501(c)(6) nonprofit, and we have membership options for both individuals and companies.

When a company joins ATA, it purchases professional memberships for all of its Austin employees – allowing them to opt in at their convenience. Numerous employees have signed up for this perk to build their civic connection to Austin and get access to networking opportunities with city, state, and tech leaders – but many still don’t know about the opportunity.

That’s why May is Claim Your Membership Month.

To incentivize Austin’s tech sector to sign up during the month of May, we’ve put together awesome prize packages that will be raffled off at the end of the month. Prizes include $100 rideshare gift cards, online courses, scooter credits, magazine subscriptions, a chocolate tasting, a free month of access to Austin’s best coworking locations, and one grand prize worth more than $1,100 for the ATA member who refers the most new members.

There’s two raffle pools we’ll draw from:

      • New members who sign up in May
      • Current members who refer new members

To get added to the first pool, just sign up for an ATA professional membership during May. You can sign up for free because your company purchased your membership, or you can sign up by paying our $25 annual member dues – both ways work! To get added to the second pool, make sure your referral member names you when they’re signing up for their professional membership (it looks like this). You’ll get one entry for each new member you refer. The person who refers the most new members will win a grand prize more than $1,100!*

Claim your professional membership now! 

If your company is already an ATA member, the membership fee will be waived when you select your employer. Otherwise, anyone is able to join for $25/year.

Prizes offered by:

*To be eligible for all prizes, you must have a Company or Professional Austin Tech Alliance membership that is current and active. For questions about your membership please email