We’re highlighting the pawsitive impact animals have on our day-to-day life while sheltering in place. For this Animals of ATA pRUFFile, please meet Lola Rose.

What is the name the hooman calls you? 
Lola Rose is my given name but they call me Potato. I’m 12 lbs of solid German blooded miniature Schnauzer muscle. When I’m not chasing my brother, Watson, away from his food bowl, you can find me screaming at the neighbors and any potential threats to my home. My favorite color is pink and my favorite trick is dancing in circles for cheese.

What have u been doing while the hoomans are home all the time?
 I’m glad human stopped leaving the house for extended periods and is paying attention to what’s most important, ME. We go see my horse brother, Watson, every day in Manor, where I get to run around in the fields, chase birds, and play with my best buddy, Beau, the Weimaraner. I spend more time outside in the yard with my mom and scream at anyone who tries to come in, especially those evil squirrels. I’m getting a lot more baths, which is not too bad since I get wrapped like a baby burrito when my mom dries me off.

How are you staying heckin politically active during stay-at-home orders? My mom reads the news in the morning from a number of news outlets across the globe. She also promotes and engages with different groups that are tackling important issues like voter rights and more treats for me.

What are some smol ways you’re supporting local businesses or organizations right now? My mom and I always walk down to my favorite pet store, Paws on Chicon. I love their ice cream and if I don’t yell while I’m in the store, my mom buys me one. My mom gets takeout from some of her favorite restaurants, like Justine’s, and if I’m REAAAALLLY good we walk to Amy’s and I get a puppy ice cream.

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