2020 Candidate questionnaire

2020 Candidate questionnaire

As part of ATA dedication to educating and informing our membership, we issue a candidate questionnaire every election cycle. To view the answers of each candidate, click on their name in the table below.

  1. As our community continues to reopen, how do you plan to support small businesses and individuals impacted by COVID-19? 
  2. What policies will you implement to support persons experiencing homelessness in Travis County? 
  3. How will you help address Austin’s affordability issues?
  4. How will you address Austin’s housing shortage? What regulations will you change to allow more housing where people want to live?
  5. Do you support Project Connect? What is your vision for the future of high capacity transit in Austin? 
  6. As more people work and school from home, how should the City of Austin address the digital divide? What steps would you take to bridge that divide?
  7. How can the City of Austin support the continued growth and success of Austin’s tech sector?
  8. How can the City of Austin better work with Austin’s tech community to bring innovative approaches to civic challenges?

District 6 runoff candidates: 

James “Jimmy” Flannigan

Mackenzie Kelly (no response) 


District 10 runoff candidates: 

Alison Alter

Jennifer Virden (no response)

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